Italy approves use antibodies to Covid-19

Italy is rushing to use so-called monoclonal antibodies to treat patients with Covid-19. Minister of Health Roberto Speranza announced on Saturday that he had signed a decree to allow this therapy in special cases.

The Italian Agency for Medicines (AIFA) and the National Health Council have also agreed to the administration of these antibodies. These are modified proteins that instigate the immune system to action against the coronavirus. โ€œSo, along with the vaccines, we have another chance in the fight against Covid-19,โ€ said Speranza. Donald Trump was given the drug in the late days of his presidency.

AIFA stated that this consent means that patients over the age of 12 can receive treatment, although insufficient facts have yet been collected and there is โ€œuncertainty about the benefit of this type of medication.โ€ Infected people who are not yet in hospital, have mild to moderate signs of illness and are at risk of worsening their situation.


The European Medicines Agency (EMA) started testing Regeneron in the fight against Covid-19 earlier this month. Italy has been hit hard by the coronapandemic, with over 2.6 million cases of infection and over 90,000 deaths.

The delivery of Astra/Zeneca vaccines to the European Union is now beginning to be orderly again, became clear on Saturday.

The EU and the pharmaceutical company became involved in a huge quarrel when the company was unable to comply with the agreements previously made on the volume of doses. But delivery is back on track, and France, for example, is starting to inoculate healthcare workers this weekend, after receiving doses on Friday evening.

Germany, Ireland, Austria and Spain are also working quickly with these vaccines. The first 80,000 doses were received in the Netherlands on Friday and a total of 670,000 are expected in February.