Italy asks EU to defend ‘supercars’ in climate policy

Italy is talking to the European Commission about phasing out internal combustion engines in cars. The Commission wants new cars to have 55% less emissions than it is today and 100% by 2035. Italy wants an exception for supercars like Ferrari and Lamborghini, writes

Italy fully supports its intention to tackle emissions by banning the most polluting engines, said Ecological Transition Minister Cingolani against Bloomberg TV. But he also said there‘s a niche โ€œin the giant car marketโ€. The European Commission is now discussing โ€œhow the new rules will apply to high end car manufacturers who sell far fewer cars than mainstream producersโ€.

Cingolani also said the Italian government is in conversation with other European countries. โ€œI am convinced there won’t be a problem.โ€

The eradication of combustion engines is part of the EU plans to counter global warming presented in July.