Italy goes the furthest with Green Pass: at work

The Italian government not only wants to require the corona pass (called ‘Green Pass’ in Italy) for civil servants, but is even considering obliging it for anyone who goes to work, including in the private sector.

That means, for example, those who want to work in the factory must have had the first vaccine for at least two weeks, either have cured within the last nine months of Covid-19, or have taken a test within the last 48 hours showing that he or she is negative.

This obligation is intended to be introduced around mid-October. The Council of Ministers may decide on this Thursday. The Lega government party is divided. Lega-leader Salvini objects to the far-reaching measures, but another Lega headpiece, the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti, is in favour. The other government parties are largely in favour of the introduction.

There is still a look at potential legal concerns for introduction to the private sector. But the government certainly wants to introduce the pass for all civil servants. The pass was first compulsory to care staff in Italy. In the meantime, anyone who wants to take a train or plane in Italy must present a corona certificate. That includes those who want to eat inside a restaurant, visit a museum or visit someone in the hospital. The corona pass is also compulsory in universities.