Italy makes vaccination compulsory for over 50s

The Italian government has unanimously decided to make vaccination mandatory for anyone over 50 years old. The obligation applies immediately and for the time being until 15 June, Italian media report.

With the measure, the government wants to reduce pressure on hospitals and limit mortality due to corona. Today, the Italian health authorities registered a record number of more than 189,000 positive corona tests.

There was already a vaccination requirement for teachers and care staff. Since October, all workers had to be vaccinated, cured or able to show a negative test, also known as 3G. These rules have been further tightened today for the over 50s, who are only allowed to come to work if they are vaccinated.

Slow down infection curve

โ€œWe want to slow down the growth of the infection curve and encourage the Italians who have not yet been vaccinated to do so. We are particularly intervening in age groups that are most at risk of hospitalization to reduce pressure on hospitals and save lives,โ€ said Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

Italy is one of the few countries in Europe that is subject to vaccination obligations. Austria did so earlier, from February everyone from 14 years and older must have been vaccinated there. In Greece, this applies to the over-60s from 16 January.

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