Italy rumors: ‘Triad may stop at national team after World Warden ‘

In Italy, it is suggested that Ciro Immobile, Lorenzo Insigne and Jorginho may stop at the national team. The trio is also not part of a practice duel with Turkey.
Italy is not part of the World Cup in Qatar, due to a defeat against North Macedonia. There is a chance that this was also the last game of Immobile, Insigne and Jorginho for the national team, writes Corriere dello Sport. On Tuesday, Italy is still taking action against Turkey, but together with a number of other players, the three went home prematurely.
There is also more to play around Immobile, Insigne and Jorginho than just the painful shutdown in the World Cup qualification. For example, Insigne and Jorginho would be ‘lost’. The former is being questioned in Naples by his upcoming move to Canada, while Jorginho missed multiple crucial penalties on behalf of Italy in recent months. Immobile openly admitted that he is ‘not the ideal man’ for national coach Roberto Mancini.
However, it is not yet a foregone conclusion that Immobile, Insigne and Jorginho put a point behind their international career. Together, the trio have so far accounted for 152 international.