Italy sees chance to go to World Cup after all due to study into Ecuador

Italy has not yet kicked out participation in the World Cup in Qatar. The Azzurri see opportunities due to the situation around Orange opponent Ecuador.
Ecuador is said to have drafted a non-eligible player in qualifying. According to Chile, which grabbed just next to a World Cup ticket in South America, all the duels in which Byron Castillo played should be turned into a regulatory defeat. However, not the Chileans, but the Italians should benefit if Ecuador is not allowed to attend the final tournament, according to the Southern European country.
โ€œIt‘s more concrete than you think,โ€ says Franco Chimenti, director of the Italian Olympic Committee, told GR Parlamento. โ€œAnother country will be the replacement, and the FIFA regulations say that should be the country that ranks highest in the FIFA ranking. And that’s Italy.โ€ The World Football Association has already started an investigation into Castillo.
Italy itself failed to qualify for the World Cup due to a surprising defeat against North Macedonia.