Italy sees Napoli gala show: ‘The Naples avalanche hits Ajax’

The Italian media praise SSC Napoli after the 1-6 victory over Ajax, that it didn‘t bake on Tuesday evening and went away for the whole of Europe. This is what the Italian newspapers write.
The contrast couldn’
t be greater: after the 4-0 against Rangers FC, Ajax was applauded, but Alfred Schreuder‘s team presented itself as a Europa League-level club in recent games. โ€œEven in the Champions League, Napoli is a miracle,โ€ headlines La Gazzetta dello Sport.
โ€œNapoli makes no distinction between Italy and Europe: it continues to enchant in the Champions League. Despite a lead by Mohammed Kudus, Ajax is wiped out by 1-6. Napoli has never scored six goals in Europe. It is well known that Ajax is not in best shape: the last game was tied against the very modest Go Ahead Eagles. But all of this should not overshadow Napoli’
s amazing performance, which when it has the space and can play football, it becomes devastating. And a beautiful Napoli is already in the next round with one and a half legs.
Sky Italia states that Ajax is’
humiliated ‘and receives acclaim from almost every other Italian newspaper. โ€œIt’s Napoli‘s biggest win in international history, and it goes without saying that the 1-6 is already an advance on the next round. No one in the Champions League flies like Spalletti’s team, which flooded into the Arena,โ€ says La Repubblica.
‘The avalanche of Naples hits Ajax’, writes Ansa news agency. โ€œIt didn‘t seem to be a Champions League match, but rather a match between two teams of different categories, because the six goals are still few compared to Napoli’s superiority and odds shown. After Napoli‘s goals, we would expect a response from Ajax, but instead, Naples continued to lead. Ajax was punished without major problems by Spalletti’s defense.
โ€œNapoli was looking for the third win in those group matches, but got much more,โ€ adds Corriere dello Sport. โ€œLuciano Spalletti’
s team had one of the best nights in history and won the biggest win ever: a 1-6 that improves 5-1 against Valencia in 1992. One of the most beautiful nights in the history of Naples ends here. 1-6 at Ajax, which was overloaded with flute concerts.
Il Mattino speaks of โ€œa magical eveningโ€ for Napoli. โ€œA historic success, the biggest ever in Europe. Kudus’
s goal was just an illusion for Ajax. Napoli was unleashed and kept scoring. Napoli brought Ajax to its knees. A blue triumph and all at a very high level: quality, intensity, organization. There was everything in Napoli‘s superprose that destroys Ajax and flies to the next round of the Champions League. ‘