Italy to relax corona measures

This is the last rigorous week in Italy. Next Monday, measures against the coronavirus will be relaxed. In the so-called yellow and orange zones (the regions where there are relatively fewer infections), all schools will reopen and from 1 May the stadiums will open to up to a thousand people in the yellow zones.

In restaurants and cafes you can have lunch again next week and dinner in the evening, but only outside and until 21:00 or 21:30. Because the curfew at ten oclock is maintained. Museums, cinemas and theatres will also open again. On May 15th you can visit outdoor pools again and from June 1st certain activities in gyms will be possible again. For travel, Italy wants to introduce a vaccination passport according to the model developed by the EU.

Motivated risk

According to Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, the easing is the result of a motivated risk based on pandemic data. Provided that everyone respects the rules, stops the mouthcaps and keeps the minimum necessary physical distance. Some distinguished Italian virologists, such as the professors Massimo Galli and Andrea Crisanti, find the expression motivated risk madness and fear that the easing will create new waves of infestations and victims. So far, the gloomy predictions of the two have always come true.

However, Draghi decided to make the easing, possibly also because he was under pressure from the many, sometimes fierce, protests against the corona measures by groups which are economically affected by it. With their rather violent Io apro (I open) events, café- and restaurateurs have caused a lot of tension, also a few times close to the Italian parliament and Palazzo Chigi, the building where the Italian Prime Minister works. Among them were several infiltrators of the notorious neo-fascist group CasaPound.


To date, 117,000 people in Italy have died of Covid. Hundreds of people are still dying daily from the disease in the country. Among the victims are increasingly younger people.