Its important that we talk to each other and really turn it up

Vitesse didn‘t win in the Eredivisie for the fourth time in a row. Trainer Thomas Letsch sees ‘a long list‘ of improvements.

Vitesse went down against FC Twente at home. โ€œThat’s a long list,โ€ Letsch responds at ESPN to the question of what should be better. โ€œThe plan was to keep it compact in the back and use space between the lines with our attackers and the wingbacks. We prepared that and then it went well, but today it didn‘t work out. Until the counter goal, it went okay, but no more than that.โ€
Letsch does not lose his players. โ€œI never blame my team. We win together and we lose together. But what we showed today is not enough to win. We barely created opportunities in the whole game. I can’
t say the players didn‘t fight for it, but we weren’t active. We responded, that‘s not our style. Now it’s important that we talk to each other and now we really turn it around.โ€