Its nice to be Feyenoorder right now, we have to enjoy that

Jens Toornstra feels comfortable with Feyenoord. The attacking midfielder praises the input of Arne Slot and thinks the Rotterdammers can throw high eyes this season.
The Stadium Club put PSV over the knee with 0-4, plays excellent football at times and will be able to play football for the first time in a long time next weekend against NEC. โ€œIts nice to be Feyenoorder right now,โ€ says Toornstra in conversation with deCCeit.
The Leiderdorper does watch for too much optimism. โ€œEnthusiasm is only beautiful for a player and we should definitely enjoy that too, but you have to keep in mind that it
s also up to us how long this feeling is going to last.โ€
With Slot, Toornstra thinks that might take a while. The role of the trainer is praised. โ€œEverything we do is behind a thought. The exercises on the training are always focused on the next game. He does that very well. I always find the discussions impressive. He hasnt missed the shelf in it yet.โ€