Its official: Draghi is going to lead Italy

The new Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi gained the confidence of a very large majority of the Chamber of Deputies during a vote on Thursday evening. On Wednesday, Draghi had already gained a large trust from the Senate. Now that the trust of the whole parliament has been completed, he can begin to rule.

There were 535 votes in favour, 56 against and 5 abstentions. Only the radical right-wing party Fratelli dItalia (Brothers of Italy) voted against the new government in parliament and a small minority within the Five Star Movement. This minority has therefore been removed from the party. That has led to fierce protests. There may now be a division of the Five Star Movement.

Prime Minister Draghi dealt with the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises during his speech to the MPs on Thursday. He talked about the current emergency situation, the preparation for the reconstruction of SMEs when the pandemic decreases and the protection of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises against unfair competition. Draghi also mentioned the importance of the fight against corruption and the prevention of mafia infiltration. Especially when it comes to spending the European Recovery Fund.

Like the Netherlands, Italy has always been a net payer of the EU. But that changed last year when Italy was promised EUR 209 billion, partly in loans. However, this is only given if there is a credible spending plan for it. Draghi must submit this to the European Commission by the end of April. During his speeches to Parliament, he promised to work on reforms that Brussels demands from Italy.