Its official: Knockout City and Kingdoms of Amalur in PS Plus in November

The recent leak on PS Plus content in November has been confirmed โ€” from November 2, players will receive the following projects: Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (PS4) โ€” reissue of the original RPG 2012 Knockout City (PS4, PS5) is a futuristic game of โ€œbouncerโ€ First Class Trouble (PS4, PS5) – a team psychological game for 6 personsIn addition, users will be awarded the following VR games: The Persistence The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Until You Fall More on Gambling Addiction Bright Memory: Inifinite comes on PC November 11 Fallen Leaf Studio attracted Troy Baker and Roger Clark to work on Fort Solis The authors of the Resident Evil film adaptation told about Albert Wesker.