Its said that Ive been sleeping as VAR, Im having trouble with it

Pol van Boekel is thralled by the incurred fuss after the competition between Denmark and Italy at the European Championships. The arbitration, led by Danny Easkie, went wrong with the penalty moment around Raheem Sterling. Easie and Van Boekel got criticism over him for days.
In the extension of the semifinals, things went wrong. Sterling went to the ground very easily, but Easy whistled for a penalty kick. โ€œIve asked myself dozens of times what would have happened if I had intervened,โ€ says Van Boekel to Algemeen Dagblad. โ€œI understand theres criticism. But it bothered me. Especially to the people who are talking nonsense. Its said that I slept as VAR. Im having trouble with that.โ€
Van Boekel finds the given penalty kick of Easkie severely punished. โ€œBut I have to support the referees decision in this case. Thats the global VAR protocol. Look. Football is not tennis, is it where a ball is in or out. In football, you have to deal with a grey area. I prefer to stay away from the discussion, also because Danny was the referee and not me, but I dont want to hide. I want to be open about this. Explain why the VAR does this.โ€
Van Boekel is battled, but may have the criticism. โ€œI also feel the support of Danny and UEFA. Although it was a huge disappointment that I was not the VAR at the finals between Italy and England, but only the assistant VAR. At first then. Because I understand by now. With all the outside pressure, UEFA has wanted to protect itself, me and Bjorn Kuipers before the final.โ€