“Its Time to Be a Hero” — Halo Infinite Trailer with Live Actors Released

In honor of the imminent release of Halo Infinite, the official YouTube channel dedicated to the series published a cinematic movie. Throughout the history of mankind, heroes have appeared at crucial moments. Master Chief must gather courage in the most difficult battle.

We always believed in heroes, it‘s time for them to article. A little later, a teaser addition came out, where Master Chief fights with a brute (yes, Craig from the meme) and inflicts a crushing blow to him with a hammer in the belly.

Release Halo Infinite story campaign will be held on December 8 on PC, Xbox Series and Xbox One. More on Gambling addiction Halo Infinite has already topped the Xbox charts thanks to multiplayer Rumor: the new BioShock installment will be set in two cities I’m Boba Fett – teaser published the upcoming series about the legendary mercenary.