‘It’s utter bullshy’: Zack Snyder responds to criticism about his fans’ ‘toxicity’

On the network periodically there are accusations of โ€œtoxicityโ€ against fans of Zach Snyder – they recently responded by the director himself. Most often this issue was raised in connection with the upcoming release of his version of the โ€œJustice Leagueโ€, which was constantly discussed, starting from the first rumors about the project. Throughout while the director was preparing the tape, some of his fans continued to accuse of too zeal protection of the idol and general โ€œtoxicityโ€.

Snyder himself absolutely does not agree with such statements, moreover – they just make him angry. The author openly hinted that when working on the tape he was constantly inserted sticks into the wheels, and some wise people kept the director from direct confrontation with those who were guilty of it.

I‘d love to see some of these people. Direct dialogue would please me.

Just to tell them they don’t understand what they‘re talking about. Zack Snyder also responded to direct criticism of those fans who supported the director and his project.

It’s complete nonsense. As for โ€œtoxic fandomโ€ or โ€œtoxic fandom victoryโ€ โ€” when did that raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to an anti-suicide fund become โ€œtoxicโ€? Zack SnyderSnyder mentions the fundraising that took place as part of the League campaign โ€” then fans managed to raise more than half a million dollars for the fund.

They, I think, have achieved a lot more than other fanbases, and have benefited more than other individual groups. So I don‘t understand the criticism.

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