Ivanka Trump was almost director of the World Bank

Former President of the United States Donald Trump had almost installed his daughter Ivanka as head of the World Bank, but was‘ whistled back ‘by his own finance minister.

International media including The Intercept and The Telegraph report that. Conversations about Ivanka Trump‘s appointment to the financial institute have been more serious than initially assumed, sources report.

The January 2019 appointment was โ€œvery close to completion,โ€ so it sounds.

Then-Treasury Minister Steven Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs top banker, was also involved in the selection process. Mnuchin had also been a producer in Hollywood and had ‘influence other ministers didn‘t have, ‘said The Intercept. He also urged Jerome Powell to appoint to the Federal Reserve.

‘Nepotism ‘

Three months later Trump told The Atlantic, โ€œI even thought about Ivanka for the World Bank. She would be extremely suitable for that. She‘s good with numbers.โ€ But if he chose Ivanka, โ€œthey would say it’s nepotism,โ€ Trump said.

Later Ivanka said she was offered the job but turned down herself, because she was โ€œhappy with her workโ€ as a White House advisor.


Finally, the Deputy Minister of Finance was appointed head of the World Bank, as the United States is always allowed to fill that position. This is also an internationally growing criticism