Ive always said Stekelenburg is the best goalkeeper we have

Rafael van der Vaart maintains his position: Maarten Stekelenburg is the best goalkeeper in the Netherlands. He does not blame Tim Krul after the match against Turkey (4-2 loss), but thinks that Stekelenburg is better.
โ€œWell… I always said that all goalkeepers are fit and play at their club, Stekelenburg is the best goalkeeper we haveโ€, responds Van der Vaart at the CCEit to the role of Krul. โ€œCillessen is a good goalkeeper and makes few mistakes, but doesnt win any matches for you. Stekelenburg does. If hes fit, hes the best number one for me. Ill stick with that until he stands there.โ€
Pierre van Hooijdonk has to do with Krul. โ€œThis was for a goalkeeper the most terrible game you can think of. You have to play at the very last minute, actually get nothing to do, the first goal is fortunately invaded, the next one is a penalty…โ€
โ€œIm not saying it to Krul hear. But if Maarten keeps going like he does at Ajax, we will be happy and he will playโ€, says Van der Vaart. โ€œTheres something in the goal that we just need. Krul couldnt do much more about the goals.โ€