“Ive been doing something weird for years, so PEC has more work on the contract extension”

Bram van Polen always tries to include something special in his contract when he has to sign a new commitment with PEC Zwolle. The defender is now also negotiating with the Blue Fingers again, but expects both parties to come out.
Van Polen states that a new commitment at PEC is to be forthcoming. They still have to put it on paper for a while, he reports at Football Talk on ESPN. It is the intention, but the zeros still have to be set up there and especially the preconditions. Season maps and stuff, but I always try to do something special too.
According to the defender, PEC has to make a little effort to conclude a new contract. Ive been doing something weird for years, so they have a little more work on it. I wanted to eat at the star restaurant Librije once, so then I arranged that for twelve men. We were able to eat there, my family plus followers, and stay overnight. PEC went crazy about it, but no, I liked that better.
This time, a car has to be arranged for Van Polen, which will then sign its new commitment. That would mean that the now 36-year-old defender will start his sixteenth season in Zwolle again.

✍️ What exactly should @PECZwolle offer so Bram van Polen will sign with? 👀 pic.twitter.com/nVP9mZlBV6
— ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) March 31, 2022