“I’ve been so lucky,” says survivor of shipwreck at Japan

The Japanese coastguard has now taken three shipwrecked people out of the East China Sea. Two of them are alive, the third died in hospital. More than forty crew members of the cargo ship capsized on Wednesday are still missing

A 30-year-old Philippine was the last to be fished out of the sea. He floated on a life raft a few kilometres from the remote Japanese island of Kodakarajima. Earlier, a 45-year-old officer from the Philippines had been rescued.

The nationality of the crew member who died is unclear. He was knocked unconscious from the waves. Floating cow carcasses were also seen in the area; the ship transported almost 6,000 live cows. On its way from New Zealand to China, the Gulf Livestock 1 got into trouble due to Hurricane Mayask.

The ship capsized through a huge wave, survivor Sareno told Evarodo just after his rescue:

With tears in his eyes Edvarodo thanked the Japanese coastguard. “I’ve been so lucky.” He said the ship was also hit by an engine failure

About 120 kilometres northwest of the Japanese island of Amami Oshima, the Gulf Livestock 1 sent a distress signal. The crew had been instructed to put on life jackets, the survivor said. Evarodo jumped overboard and saw no one of his colleagues after that. “Am I the only one?” he asked the Coast Guard several times.

Rescue operation in full swing

Three ships, five planes and two divers were searching for the crew, which consisted of 39 Filipinos, two New Zealanders and two Australians. The Philippine coastguard also helped in the search. A new hurricane is expected in the area in the near future.

According to an Australian news site, there have been more problems with the ship in the past. The navigation and safety system was found to be out of order during a check-up by the Australian maritime authorities last year. After a repair and a second inspection, the ship was still allowed to enter the sea