JA21, Bij1 and Volt: ‘More homes for starters, delete landlord tax’

Landlord levy, climate change, meat taxes and the consequences of the coronacrisis: it is a few of the topics that were discussed on the last night of the CCEIT on 3 election program. Relatively political newcomers Annabel Nanninga (JA21), Sylvana Simons (Bij1) and Laurens Dassen (Volt) answered questions from young people in the run-up to the Second Chamber elections.

The main themes of the evening were living and climate. A boy from the audience wondered how the parties will make sure that starters can get a home better. The three politicians agree that there should be more housing for starters. โ€œThe three million square meters of office spaces and other existing spaces need to be converted into homes,โ€ said Dassen. Nanninga and Simons join this. Politicians also unanimously said that they want to abolish the landlord tax.

Nanninga also quoted immigration. โ€œHundreds of thousands of people come in a year and we already have too few homes. Its a very simple sum: if you already have too many people and too few houses, you dont have to bring people in.โ€

Simons reacted fiercely: โ€œIt makes a difference if you make sums that you can count well, because we all know that the housing shortage is not due to immigrants.โ€ According to Simons, the cause is mainly bad housing policy. She thinks, like Dassen, that we should invest more in that.

JA21 has the ambitious plan to build a new city. Nanninga called it a โ€œdream projectโ€ of the party. According to her, it not only brings many new homes, but has even more advantages. โ€œYou can unleash a lot of innovation and it creates a lot of jobs.โ€

Check out how Simons and Dassen think about Nanningas dream project:

Another public question was about climate change. How do the parties want to counteract them? Badgers: โ€œWe need to focus on sustainable resources, i.e. sun, water and wind.โ€ But at the same time he calls nuclear power. โ€œWe are at a stage where we need to speed up this transition and we need to keep all the options on the table.โ€ According to Nanninga, renewable energy is too expensive. It is therefore in favour of nuclear energy.

A viewer wonders why she sets a limit on what she wants to spend on climate:

At 1 leader Simons does not believe in nuclear power. โ€œIts too expensive, not necessary, and it takes too long to use it.โ€ Simons, for example, wants to put an end to subsidies for fossil industries. In addition, she said she wanted to make public transport free, in order to reduce emissions.

Check out how Simons wants to fund the free public transport:

Finally, someone from the public wondered why the hospitality industry is not opened, while the parks are full. Its a subject that has been a lot of discussion over the last few days. โ€œIf it is safe, it must be possible,โ€ is Simonss answer to that. However, she emphasises that other professions should not be forgotten. As an example, she mentions the sex workers who are not yet allowed to work, whereas barbershops, for example, can open again from next week. โ€œThis policy plays people against each other,โ€ she says.

Volt-leader Dassen believes that there should definitely be consultation with the catering industry to see what is possible, but is reluctant to do so. โ€œWe see that the infections are rising, so we need to look closely at how that is going to develop. Were in that third wave.โ€

If it is up to Nanninga, the catering industry will reopen as soon as possible:

Do you want to look back the whole conversation? You can do that here:

With Nanninga, Simons and Dassen, the electoral program of CCEit has ended on 3. All the list holders of the big parties have been in the past week, except PVV-puller Geert Wilders. He turned down the invitation.