Jack from “Staying Alive” could be played by Justin Theroux from “The Left Behind”

Staying Alive co-creator Damon Lindelof revealed that he was at one time considering actor Justin Theroux (Maniac) for the role of Jack Shepherd. Theroux, however, showed no interest in the role of the doctor, who got with other people to the mysterious island. As a result, Matthew Fox played this part.

However, Lindelof continued to follow the artist‘s career, marveling at some of his skills — for example, Theroux co-wrote the script Soldier of Failure with Ben Stiller. And in the end Lindelof himself managed to work with him on his series The Left.

At that period, the screenwriter somewhat doubted that Theroux with his bright appearance would be able to pull out a strong dramatic role – but after the first reading of the script it became clear that such the problem will not arise. As Lindelof himself joked, Theroux proved to be a good actor despite the glamorous image.

The screenwriter also added that he had to apologize to the actor after working on the project, as he pandered to popular memes with the hero, where he runs too frank. Jokes and hamstring on a similar subject have become some of the longest in the show, despite the story’s earnest tone.

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