Jack Poels not awake enough for evening performances

Because he goes to bed early through corona nowadays, Jack Poels doesn‘t have to think about being on stage late in the evening. โ€œNormally I don’t climb on stage until 23:00. At this time, I hardly manage to stay awake until then.โ€

The foreman of the Limburg band Rowwen Hรจze tells the AD that he does not feel ready for that change. โ€œBut my wife says, ‘If the weather is allowed, such energy will be released into you. Trust your adrenaline.โ€ I’ll hold on to that.โ€

His second solo album II, which was recently released, was written in coronatijd. And that is noticeable according to the singer. โ€œYou can hear that in, for example, Heart Woman, in which I wonder how bad it would be if you could never go on holiday again.โ€ Even if it wouldn‘t be so bad for 63-year-old Poels. โ€œAs long as I can occasionally go on a city trip.โ€

Also his band Rowwen Hรจze will release a new album later this year. But first the Limburger puts time in the launch of II. For example, Poes performed during a live stream concert from a brown cafรฉ in Venlo. โ€œThe band members give me my solo project, because they know I’ll be there for them as soon as that bandbus gets out of the garage again.โ€