Jack Tretton: Studio Purchases, Gaming Services, Cloud Gaming and E3

Jack Tretton, the former head of the US division of PlayStation, shared his views on various trends in the modern gaming industry, including studio purchases, E3 gaming services and more. Tretton called 2022 โ€œthe most amazing year for acquisitionsโ€ he has ever seen. He is sure that the positive aspects in situations with purchases of studios โ€œfar outweighโ€ the negative ones.

โ€œThe upside is that it draws attention to the industry, which is already estimated at $200 billion and continues to grow. These figures are twice the box office of films and the music industry combined.

But I still think you‘re going to find a lot of people who don’t realize how big, complex and. .

. popular entertainment is.

โ€ Sony, Tretton does not share the opinion that companies are competing with each other in acquisitions. Competition certainly existed in the past, but now both Microsoft and Sony have grown significantly, and are pursuing their own goals through personal strategies.

โ€œWe were trying to compete with Microsoft, and it was very similar to winning through competition โ€” to counter strike, create an obstacle to what they‘re doing, but I think the business has become so big that it’s no longer the case. โ€ Tretton noted that Microsoft and Sony can be attributed to the same business mindset, while Nintendo has always played by its own rules, so it‘s definitely not accused of imitation.

As for the exclusivity that may arise after the acquisitions, Tretton does not believe in it. He noted that now the desire to keep your IP in one place has changed to a desire to do what โ€œmakes the most sense and helps to increase profits.

โ€ when service games began to really take over the industry. He admitted that it is important for such projects to be able to provide a great gaming experience for users.

โ€œIf it’s extorting money or trying to resell old content, they (such games) will not succeed. โ€ Users also rely on how much entertainment they get for each dollar spent.

Therefore, console manufacturers must keep their controller in the hands of the consumer, showing them the appeal of gaming services. Tretton believes that both parties should be happy in such a relationship, otherwise it will not work out.

As for cloud gaming, Tretton admitted that he has always seen the potential in this, but did not expect it such a rapid development. At that time, Sony decided to acquire the Gaikai service, and Microsoft took the position of an observer.

โ€œSony has made quite a significant investment to enter this business and gain an edge by becoming a pioneer. PositionMicrosoft was more of a wait-and-see, and I think the main question is, did pioneer status really help Sony? Has it hurt Microsoft? I think the reality is that it certainly didn‘t hurt Microsoft.

โ€ According to Tretton, the time for cloud-based gaming is โ€œpretty good. โ€ He also praised the development of the Nintendo service.

The former head of the American division of PlayStation recalls E3 with great affection. Tretton said that in 1995, the event felt like a real โ€œcoronation for the industryโ€.

For ten years, it was a celebration with bright parties, performances by major rock bands and a lot of press from all over the world. Then everything changed, and companies felt like PR and an event for journalists is spending a lot of money.

Tretton admitted that he was very disappointed. After a while, E3 again became a major event with press conferences of major publishers, important announcements and other news.

โ€œIf you had a good performance at E3, it was a good year, and if you had a bad performance at E3, it was a tough year. There was a lot of pressure, but I really enjoyed it.

โ€ Now, Tretton does not consider E3 as valuable and necessary as it used to be. However, games still need their own landmark event โ€” like a Grammy for music or an Oscar for cinema.

Tretton is confident that the full end of E3 will mean a โ€œloss for industry and the loss of the opportunity to really celebrate and trumpet all the innovations and great things associated with it. โ€ As for individual presentations like State of Play or Nintendo Direct, Tretton believes that their success may depend on the financial capabilities of the companies.

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