Jacobs empties: “Black, like garters. And when I hear such a Verhaar orerring…”

Excelsior was a regular guest in the Eredivisie between 2014 and 2019, but in 2021 it does not go beyond the middle part of the Kooze Champion Division. Rob Jacobs trained the Kralingers in the 1980s — when Excelsior also regularly played in the Eredivisie — and sees this seasons performance with a lot of eyes.

The team of Marinus Dijkhuizen lost its last three league duels of 2020 and entered the new year as number thirteen of the Keuk Champion Division. Sunday afternoon the showdown with NAC Breda awaits. Im at Rijnmonds the day later to tell about it, says 77-year-old Jacobs in a conversation with the Algemeen Dagblad. But I often skip a competition these days. Its not to peek at, is it, man? I say they dont return to the Eredivisie.
The former trainer of FC Groningen, Feyenoord and Sparta finds the attitude of some players astonishing. That Zwarts (attacker Joël Zwarts, red.) wears his stockings over his knees. Looks like garters. And then he also has a bun… and then I see a Thomas Verhaar orating at FC Rijnmond. As if he were the trainer of Excelsior, says Jacobs, who does not think the players will get into the mirror. Yeah, maybe they do. To see if their hair is right. I cannot say anything positive about this Excelsior.
Jacobs thinks afterwards that things went wrong in the spring of 2019. Adrie Poldervaart did not finish the demotion struggle and Ricardo Moniz was his successor: according to the RTV Rijnmond analyst, this was a misjudgement of Director Ferry de Haan. Thijs Libregts (also former trainer of Excelsior, red.) and I often walked around there. Why didn
t he call us to help?, Jacobs wonders. In England there are also trainers who are over seventy, right? Theyre just in the Premier League! I had done that for expenses and a pink cake, out of club life.