Jagged Alliance 3 is announced, handled by Surviving Mars developers

THQ Nordic announced a new number of Jagged Alliance at its show, unveiling the debut tactics trailer combining synematic and gameplay. The game is actively developing, and so far the developers are not even call an approximate release date. And to the word of developers, the project is being handled by Bulgarian studio Haemimont Games, known for three parts Tropico (third to fifth) and Surviving Mars.

The publisher notes that the team has been burning for a long time wanting to create something by Jagged Alliance โ€” and they were entrusted with a third part. Which should be the โ€œtrue successor to the iconic series,โ€ focusing and developing the best of the first two parts.

Fans of Jagged Alliance surely immediately recognized the veteran mercary by Ivan, and his company will be made up of other familiar characters as well as new fighters. Players will travel to a fictional country in which an internal political conflict is taking place โ€” apparently the president has been captured and needs to be rescued.

As long as the paramilitary Legion holds power. Jagged Alliance 3 will feature both tactical battles and exploration of the world, all flavored with a fragrant sauce called โ€œrole-playingโ€ elementsโ€.

In other words, players will make long-lasting decisions as they progress. In addition, by exploring different locations, you can talk to new people (and mark valuable information in a notebook or Requests), find valuable loot and defeat enemies while also getting something you need โ€” both weapons (which can be customizable) and other items or upgrades.

Alliance 3 will have many different mercaries with their own traits and sometimes distinctive perks that offer unique benefits. In general, given the large variety of weapons, you can choose your own gameplay style: with emphasis on stealth, melee combat, etc.

Tactics are created only on PC so far, and it doesnt even have an approximate one release dates. But what is certain is that Jagged Alliance 3 will be playable in co-op on the network.

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