Jakobsen trains with his team: ‘Away for a long time, but happy with where I stand. ‘

Fabio Jakobsen is back on the bike and is eager to pin another number on. But when that is actually possible, he does not dare to say yet. โ€œCompared to August 4, I dont feel so good, but compared to August 6, very good. Thats actually it.โ€

The Dutch sprinter spoke his words during the English-language digital team presentation of his team Deceuninck-QuickStep. He fell heavily during the first stage in the Tour of Poland on 5 August. Dylan Groenewegen week in the mass print of his line, which forced Jakobsen to swerve and ended up in full speed in the fences.

The then national champion suffered severe injuries. There was even feared for the life of the rider, who was kept in artificial coma. But after a large number of operations, the 24-year-old Gelderlander can think of racing again.

Extremely happy

Jakobsen is with a large part of his team in Spain to prepare for the new season. โ€œI train with my teammates, but I dont do all the training sessions and sometimes I take a shorter route to the hotel. But the feeling on the bike is okay.โ€

His presence at the training camp is a big step forward, which does him extremely well. โ€œIt makes me extremely happy to be here. This team is like a family. We care about each other. I can even say that we love each other.โ€

When he reappears at the start of a game, Jakobsen cannot say yet. First, hes waiting for another operation in February. Its just a little bit to see how that goes.

Bennett and Cavendish as support

โ€œ If that goes well, I might be able to race one or two months later. But if there are any complications, I have to wait. Its hard to set a date. As soon as possible, as far as Im concerned, but thats what every rider who recovers. The road is still a long way, but I am happy where I am now.โ€

During the team presentation, the newest addition Mark Cavendish was also presented. The 35-year-old Brit won thirty rides in the Tour de France and seems to want to end his career with the Belgian team. For Jakobsen, it means he has a fellow sprinter on the team.

โ€œ Im here with the best sprinter from the previous Tour and the best sprinter in the history of the Tour,โ€ he refers to Sam Bennett (two rites and the points jersey in 2020) and Cavendish. โ€œIt motivates me that they support me.โ€

Event poel on schedule

The Belgian Remco Evenepoel has to wait a while before he can get back to the bin. During the Tour of Lombardy last August, the 20-year-old multitalent fell into an abyss and broke his pelvis. His season was, of course, immediately over.

In October he crawled on the bike again, but that was a bit too premature. Over the past few weeks, Evenepoel had to leave the two-wheeler. โ€œBut there is no panic. The plan was not to be on the bike until February. We were first ahead of schedule and now exactly on schedule.โ€

Evenepoel has also not given up its goals. This year he focuses on the Tour of Italy and the Olympic Games.