Jamaica fears shortage of weed

Jamaica is struggling with the greatest scarcity of marijuana in years. Experts speak of a ‘cultural scandal’.

That‘s what the LA Times writes. Officially, cannabis plantations are banned in Jamaica, but small amounts are allowed and fines for smoking a joint are low. The illegal industry is rampant. Tourists and islanders buy on the street. But the โ€œgreen cigaretteโ€ becomes a luxury product.

Prices rise mainly due to intense rainy periods, followed by long drought and disillusioned farmers throwing the towel in the ring. Corona also plays. Due to restrictions after 18:00, the cannabis farmers, who sometimes go to fetch running water in springs, can no longer cultivate their land at night.

Moreover, since corona, the Jamaicans are much more likely to grab the green cigarette: although tourism almost completely collapsed, demand rose. That creates scarcity. Tourists notice that. Travel websites share experiences about difficulties in getting weed. โ€œA shortage in Jamaica… It’s actually laughable,โ€ sighs a pot director to the LA Times correspondent.