‘James Bond’ screenwriter fears for fate of franchise on Amazon

Screenwriter John Logan, writer of Coordinate Skyfall and SPECTRA, spoke about his concerns about the move of Bond to Amazon. Not so long ago it is known that the latter decided to buy the studio MGM for $8. 45 billion, thus obtaining partial rights to stories about the popular spy.

The remainder belongs to Eon Productions studio, whose producers have long overseen a series about Agent 007. In an article in The New York Times, Logan mentioned the fears surrounding the deal.

The author fears that Amazon will turn the project into another standard franchise like film adaptations of comics, although earlier on the production of Bond was closely followed by Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson. According to Logan, the creative process of working on films was very personal for him, and in this he was helped by producers, giving his ideas to speak.

He felt like not just a employed worker, but part of the family — the scenario of which was not checked by the crowd with the focus group. Logan believes that if Amazon interferes with the authors vision, then will make a big mistake.

And the quality will then replace the usual analytics and the need for the release of new tapes more often than usual. And then someone from the focus groups at all might not appreciate Bonds love for martini or his accent.

As an example of the possible result of such decisions, Logan cites the film adaptation of Sweeney Todd, which he wrote the script – some polls showed that the audience wanted to remove the song from the film. In the career of the screenwriter, all successful large blockbusters turned out to be such, since the work is not superfluous people intervened, and the authors were not afraid of risks — as in the case of Gladiator.

Then Logan was very impressed by how Ridley Scott fought wacky ideas from the side. The general thought, which the screenwriter finished the article: Bond is a special franchise to relate to neat.

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