James Gandolfini could replace Steve Carell on ‘The Office’

In the Talking Sopranos podcast, Michael Imperioli revealed that once James Gandolfini might have replaced Steve Carell in โ€œThe Officeโ€ . According to Imperioli, the offer arrived a few years after of the completion of โ€œClan Sopranosโ€, where Gandolfini played the lead role. NBC wanted the latter to play a new chief from โ€œThe Officeโ€ after Carell retired from the series.

The deal was alleged to be $4 million in one season, but the case was intervened HBO representatives who paid Gandolfini $3m to turn down the offer. Why this happened is incomprehensible.

It is possible that the channel wanted to continue to support the image of Tony Soprano in the minds of the audience, which would undoubtedly be unlike the work of an actor in the comedic โ€œOffice & raquo; . By the way, the prequel film of โ€œClan Sopranosโ€ itself will be released in October, where the role of young Tony was played by James Gandolfinis son, Michael.

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