James Gunn completes work on new ‘Suicide Squad’

James Gunn said that he completed work on the installation of the new โ€œSuicide Squadโ€, and Warner Bros. studio did not interfere with the production. Gunn added that he received only a small number of edits in general, and also made all the creative decisions himself.

With his partnership with Warner, he was extremely pleased โ€” after all, the studio did not even settle on him if he did not want to make any adjustments to them. Also, the director told that the trailer of the tape should be expected not in May or June, as rumored, but โ€œbeforeโ€.

True, the dates did not name. Now Gunn is busy filming โ€œPeacemakerโ€ – a series about the hero of John Cena from โ€œSquadโ€, and the film itself will be released on HBO Max on August 6.

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