James Gunn reveals ‘Suicide Squad’ timekeeping — more than 2 hours

James Gunn revealed the timekeeping of his Suicide Squad and revealed a couple of new details about the film. According to the director, the picture goes for 2 hours and 12 minutes, no one in production limited it, and the story came out so long on its own — the author didnt plan any specific timekeeping. In addition, Gunn added that the film has a post-credits scene — apparently not alone.

He also joked that the hardest thing was working with Michael Rucker, as he posted a picture of his character right during the shoot. There were 3-4 moments in the tape with the improvisation of the actors, but the rest of the dialogue came straight from a script by Gunn himself.

Suicide Squad: Mission Skill will premiere on August 5, and the tape will be released on HBO Max on the 6th of the day. More on Gaming First Metro analysis: Exodus for Xbox Series shows trade-offs for racing This summer will release a new feature cartoon by Mortal Kombat Author Fringe of the future wanted to make a film with Roscosmos, but plans were hindered.