Jamie Vardy puts LGBT fans of Leicester Citys heart under the belt after unfortunate flag incident

Jamie Vardy caused a lot of unnecessary stir last weekend. Leicester City striker scored the winning hit on the field of Sheffield United last Sunday in the final minute and celebrated that a little too enthusiastic.

Vardy sprinted to the cornervlag where he kicked the cornervlag with the United logo by means of a firm sliding. Vardy, a born Sheffield Wednesday fan and thus scoring on the enemy‘s field, overlooked that last weekend on the fields the classic white flags had been replaced by the colourful rainbow version of the LGBT community. After all, the last day was marked by the support of professional football for LGBT fans, for whom the football environment is not always open.

And that turned out afterwards. Vardy’s unfortunate action was followed by a rist of homophobic hate mails to the Foxes Pride, a Leicester fan club with predominantly LGBT members.

Vardy decided to give a heart to the fan club and gave them an LGBT flag with message and signature from the striker: Keep up the good work.