Jan Nagel waves off at 50Plus with incorrect accusation of Den Haan

Jan Nagel (82) has waved off as party chairman of 50Plus. This time definite, so is his intention. Nagel often said goodbye, but came back when the party was in trouble. It gave him the nickname ‘Heintje Davids’, after the artist who couldn‘t say goodbye either.

But at 50Plus’s digital general meeting, he gave a farewell speech this afternoon. In it he looked back once more on the dramatic election campaign. On 17 March, the party lost four out of five seats. Only leader Liane den Haan was elected.


said last Thursday she‘s leaving the party, but she’s taking her seat with her. With that, 50Plus disappears from the House of Representatives. Den Haan claims to have been bullied and opposed by the board of the party, led by former Senator Nagel. He, in turn, says that the bad ballot box result is the result of Den Haan‘s quirky performance.

In his speech at the digital membership meeting, Nagel mentioned the stepping up of Den Haan once again because, according to him, she only got into the Chamber thanks to โ€œthe brand 50Plusโ€. He called on her to return her seat to the party.

Domain name registered in March

The outgoing chairman also made a remarkable accusation against Den Haan. โ€œAfter intensive research on the Internetโ€ he had stumbled upon the registration of the domain name partijdenhaan.nl. That registration took place on 5 March, about two weeks before the elections.

โ€œ Was Mrs Den Haan already engaged in the division instead of the 50Plus campaign?โ€ , Nagel wondered. He showed the documents of the registration.

In the

meantime it turned out that the domain name was not registered by Den Haan, but by comedian Tom Lash. He said it was half a joke. Together with a friend he decided to speculate on a division of Den Haan. โ€œThat turned out to be a pretty good estimate,โ€ he tells RTL Nieuws.

Jan Nagel is succeeded as chairman of 50Plus by Peter Schut, who until now was general secretary of the central administration. In his acceptance speech, he called on the party members to look ahead now. โ€œLet’s put the negativity behind us.โ€