Jan Smit confirms ESPN: “Yes, we really want a ship”

Board member Jan Smit confirms that FC Volendam wants a new stadium in the shape of a ship. The club wants to take big strides in the years to come.
Last week, Volendam presented the plan to build a new stadium. Yes, we really want a ship, confirms Smit at ESPN. Our roots are in fishing and you must be able to stand out. Volendam is a seaside village, in which we are unique. We have to make use of that.
Smit thinks a new stadium is necessary for the future. The question arises as well as why, because the current ‘Scratch Stadion’ is never sold out with 7384 spots. I think for the future for sure. There are people who are wondering why we want bigger.
But we were two years ago with Wim Jonk and his team, with a new board, new people, new ideas and visions, then you look ahead. You don‘t look two years ahead, but ten years. Given the path we have taken, we must dare to dream hard. That’s what comes with a new stadium.

⛵️🧡 @JanSmit puts an end to all uncertainty and disbelief: Yes, we really want a ship. 📺 ESPN ⏰ 8pm #️ ⃣ #volrod pic.twitter.com/Xkavmx1iKr
— ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) September 13, 2021