Jan Versteegh goes for cozy tv in coronatijd

In the new SBS6 program Small but Fine, which can be seen from Sunday evening, we look for the best miniature builders in the Netherlands. According to presenter Jan Versteegh, the show for viewers is a welcome distraction from all the misery that the world suffers from, among other things, the coronacrisis.

โ€œ You can escape from what the world is now and all the images you see in the newsโ€, says Jan to the ANP. โ€œI hope that with this programme we can help people not think about it for a while.โ€

In Klein but fine, miniature builders compete against each other in different assignments. The jury chooses each episode who performed it best until the best miniature builder remains at the end of the race. โ€œThe assignments are very different and so are the builders.โ€


in such detail

must, among other things, recreate a well-known film. โ€œLike Titanic, Star Wars and Harry Potter. It must then be clear in one storage which film it is about. But they also had to make something in an old toilet roll and put together a snow globe.โ€

Jan was surprised by the constructions of the participants. โ€œIts all so detailed. Every thread and thingy has been thought over. For example, you had someone who turned the lid of an old medicine box into the door of a washing machine. So well thought out.โ€

Miniature War

The presenter supported the builders during the program. โ€œI was their support and continued. And I didnt try to get in the way, because Im rather clumsy.โ€

Not only SBS6 dove into the world of miniature. RTL 4 will be looking for the best builders of small Christmas villages at the end of this month and Omroep MAX will be looking for the best model trainers next year. That there would be a miniature war, Jan calls nonsense. โ€œTV people like to talk about a war, as was also spoken of a talk show war. It just shows that it plays a lot.โ€