Jans and Van Wolfswinkel continue to focus: ‘They are a serious opponent’

Ron Jans refuses to underestimate the Serbian opponent FC Twente. The club from Enschede then plays a match against FK Cukaricki in the third heat of the Conference League. An opponent to be reckoned with, says Jans.
โ€œWe have seen the opponent play several times and we have gathered a lot of information,โ€ says Jans on the FC Twente club website. โ€œIts a serious opponent and Im curious how high their level can reach Thursday night. Im also curious about our own players, because not many have played European there before.โ€ On Thursday evening at 20:00, FC Twente kicks off the first match against FK Cukaricki in Belgrade.
Ricky van Wolfswinkel is one of the players who already has European matches behind his name. For example, the Dutchman previously played with FC Basel, Sporting CP, Saint-ร‰tienne and FC Utrecht in the Europa League. According to Van Wolfswinkel, the atmosphere in these types of competitions is the most important. โ€œThe atmosphere to perform really has to be there. Playing European football always brings with it a different atmosphere. The most important thing is that we know how the opponent plays and that we stay sharp ourselves. But with us, everyone is very motivated.โ€

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โ€” FC Twente (@fctwente) August 3, 2022