Jans happy with returning Vlap at training camp: ‘So much fun in this group’

Trainer Ron Jans is with FC Twente at training camp in Kamen, Germany. The smiling trainer was also able to welcome the returned Michel Vlap there and believes that the atmosphere is good with De Tukkers.
Jans says that in conversation with 1Twente Enschede. The training master is happy that Vlap is staying longer in Enschede. โ€œAs a player, but also as a person. I like it: Michal Sadรญlek also made that choice. Vlap now too. I hope theres another one that makes that choice. That you not only choose the money, but also feel comfortable and appreciated. You also just have to be happy, I really like that.โ€
The group of players had already prepared a thing or two for Vlap
s return. โ€œThe players were already waving and singing. It is also a joy to be in this group, there is so much fun. We have a boy who accompanies us and he also sees: what a fun group this is!โ€
The players stay at Sporthotel Kaiserau, where, among other things, the Spanish national team stayed in 2006 for the World Cup game against Germany. โ€œThere are quite a few shirts here from Valencia, Argentina and Spain. Then its good enough for us, too,โ€ concludes Jans. Last season, Twente came in fourth in the Eredivisie.