Jans looks ahead: ‘That’s why Heracles and Twente should never degradeโ€

FC Twente plays against Feyenoord on Sunday, Heracles Almelo against RKC Waalwijk. Yet the look of trainers Ron Jans and Frank Wormuth is already going to next week, when the Twente derby is on the program.

Wormuth doesn‘t have to think long about the question of which competition he wants to win, that against RKC or that against Twente. โ€œHaha, FC Twente of course! That’s not a choice, is it?โ€ , the Heracles trainer indicates in conversation with TC/Tubantia. โ€œCome on, it‘s a derby, you always have to want to win it. That’s the biggest wish of the fans and the club. I remember the last derby well. We won in Enschede and were met by the supporters in Almelo. It was a big party. Does that apply to FC Twente less? Could be, for us not.โ€
Jans gets the same question: profit against Feyenoord, or against Heracles? โ€œDerby‘s should be cherished, which is why Heracles and FC Twente should never degrade. But it won’t surprise anyone if I say: from Monday, the look will go on Heracles. We‘re playing Feyenoord tomorrow. That’s all that matters now,โ€ says Jans.
Twente and Feyenoord start their race Sunday at 12.15 pm, RKC and Heracles at 14.30 hrs.