Jansen ‘apetrots’ at AZ: ‘Honestly: there was something going through me, very beautiful’

Pascal Jansen is โ€œproudโ€ of Bruno Martins Indi. The thirty-year-old defender has been called back to the Dutch team five years after his last international match. Jansen also emphasizes that Martins Indi is of great value at AZ.
Friday afternoon it was announced that Martins Indi is back with the Orange. Jansen heard it from the defender himself. โ€œI heard Bruun wanted to talk to me,โ€ says the AZ coach recorded by De Cceit. โ€œAt first, I thought: what is he doing anyway. He probably wants to talk about yesterdays game (Thursday, ed.) against Vitesse. But then he said that the national coach had brought him back into the Dutch team. Very special.โ€
At Jansen, his first conversation with Martins Indi, about his move to Alkmaar, came up again. โ€œI asked about his goals and ambitions. He had a few, he told. Including a comeback in the Orange selection. Thats why I love that this has become a reality. Honestly: there was something going through me, because Im very proud that he got this done.โ€
Finally, the coach emphasizes that Martins Indi is one of the strong holders at AZ. โ€œHis impact on the team is immense. Both inside and outside the lines, Bruno is a top professional, one of our culture guards. He is extremely important for the development of the young boys. He, who has been through so much, shows how to experience the profession.โ€