Jansen (AZ) benches top player Bazoer: Hes working very hard on that

Pascal Jansen explained Riechedly Bazoers reserve role against Dundee United. The AZ coach calls Bazoer a top player, but the Dutch international is not yet fit enough to kick off.
In the game with Dundee, Bazoer is in AZ
s match selection for the first time since his surprising switch. Jansen, however, lets him start on the couch. โ€œRiechedly can make minutes at least, otherwise he wouldnt be in the selection,โ€ says the coach at RTL7 prior to the game. We have to realize that he comes from a little further. In terms of fitness, he is not yet at the level we want him to be at. He works very hard on that every day.โ€
In any case, it is not the qualities of Bazoer, Jansen makes it clear. โ€œRiechedly is just a top player. But it is important that he gets fitter. He was brought to us for the midfield, not as a centre-back. He can do well there, he has shown that in recent seasons at Vitesse. Riechedly will therefore have to deliver the labor and quality in the midfield, which requires a lot in our way of playing. He has been entrusted with that.โ€