Jansen (AZ) discusses with ESPN reporter: ‘Do I think bizarre question of you’

Trainer Pascal Jansen and ESPN reporter Fresia Cousiño Arias got into a somewhat fierce discussion after the duel between Jablonec and AZ. Cousiño Arias wondered whether AZ can be happy about wintering in the Conference League and Jansen thought that was a bizarre question.
AZ played 1-1 on a visit to Jablonec, making it sure of a spot in the eighth finals of the Conference League. However, the Alkmaarders are not best for it in the Eredivisie: Jansen and co. occupy a twelfth place. After the match in the Czech Republic, ESPN reporter Cousiño Arias wondered whether AZ could be happy with the performance in Europe as a result. “I think that in itself is a bizarre question from you,” Jansen responds.
“Its hard if its a little negative in the group, isnt it? You can see that in boys,” Cousiño Arias then says. Jansen immediately hooks into that. “What did you see or hear about negativity?” The interview star then states that the frivolity and joy is a bit lacking in Alkmaar.
t underestimate that: guys know they can do better, thats what they want,” says Jansen. “It was the number one priority to hibernate. Looking at how we stand for it in its entirety, I can imagine that the joy is somewhat imprinted now. Were not showing the frivolous game that we were used to. But that doesnt make wintering any less important.”