Jansen (AZ) was shocked after Odgaard moment towards Ajax: ‘Heart rate went faster’

Pascal Jansen thinks that AZ opponent FC Vaduz is underestimated by many people. The Alkmaarders won on Thursday evening with pain and difficulty from the team that is active at the second level in Switzerland.
AZ finally won 4-1 due to late goals, but it could also end quite differently. โ€œToday, we met an opponent who is perhaps better than many people thought,โ€ says Jansen at ESPN. โ€œAnyway, if you look at the spaces we gave away, especially in the first half, you also give the opponent a lot of opportunity to play football.โ€
So Jansen can tactically explain why AZ had a hard time against Vaduz, but the coach doesn‘t quite know why that team is so surprisingly good either. โ€œThat’s what I said before the game: we couldn‘t put our finger on that. What we do know is that they eliminated serious opponents in the run-up to the group phase. They did it in the same way as they did today. Our game then has to be purer to be less bothered by it.โ€
When Jens Odgaard reached for his hamstring, Jansen was shocked for a while. After all, AZ is not broad in its attackers. โ€œFortunately, it’
s not serious. At that time, I also had a moment when my heart rate went a little smoother. He got a slight cramp when he turned it on, we were immediately in touch that it was not so bad.โ€
Finally, the AZ trainer briefly talks about the meeting with Ajax, which is scheduled for Sunday. โ€œIn any case, we will have to reach our own level against Ajax in order to offer a good match. But I have no doubt about that.โ€