Jansen hints at AZ-duo leaving

Pascal Jansen hopes that the selection of AZ will be strengthened with a midfielder and an attacker. For Ferdy Druijf and Kenzo Goudmijn, a farewell beckons. And probably for Timo Letschert, too.
โ€œFerdy and Kenzo weren‘t there, so things are happening behind the scenes,โ€ Jansen told NH. Druijf goes to Rapid Wien, Gold Mine can go to Excelsior again. โ€œJoris Kramer was there, but there is also a lot of play around him. We have to wait and see. Of them, it is still questionable whether they will continue at AZ or elsewhere. Do I need them? They are currently AZ players. We have clearly mapped out the plan, which is why I say that something is happening behind the scenes.โ€
s role has been played out for a while now. The defender has made himself impossible. โ€œHe is not an A-squad player. What we can conclude from that? That you should ask Max (Huiberts, ed.) that question.โ€
โ€œWe need to look closely at what the team needs. We got Mayckel Lahdo for the right outer position, which is a good first step. There has been anticipation of a possible departure of Owen Wijndal (with Milos Kerkez, ed.). We also look closely at what we can use in the midfield and in the attack. That is where the priority is now.โ€