Jansen reveals top salaries FC Emmen: ‘Then you may also win, seems to me ‘

It would not be a miracle if FC Emmen managed to maintain itself in the Eredivisie. That says Anco Jansen, who played in Drenthe from 2017 until last winter. He points out the salaries that are paid there.
โ€œFive or six players have been around since the winter stop who earn more than four tons. This is what many people forget, or dont know,โ€ explains Jansen in conversation with Voetbal International. โ€œI think there are many clubs in the right row of the Eredivisie that would have wanted to get guys like Michael Verrips or Kerim Frei, but FC Emmen is the only one who pulled the wallet.โ€
s a bold choice, which seems to work out well. โ€œBut we dont have to make more of it than it is, because with a selection of such salaries you can win some competitions, seems to me,โ€ says Jansen. โ€œThat should be added again, all that expenditure and now still stand at zero victories, haha. So handsome when they make it? Absolutely. A miracle? Certainly not.โ€