Jansen sees plan coming out in duel with Feyenoord: ‘AZ boss at midfield’

After the 3-1 victory on PSV, a week and a half ago, AZ also won its second league winner of the season, with 3-2 from Feyenoord. โ€œWere definitely part of it,โ€ said AZ trainer Pascal Jansen afterwards. On 31 January the third topper is waiting, against Ajax in Alkmaar. The difference with the leader from Amsterdam is now seven points.

โ€œ Where we expected to be the boss, we were the boss,โ€ says Jansen. โ€œIn the midfield. Very nice. That allowed us to control the game. Im very happy for my players.โ€

โ€œBest team has won.โ€

That was a bit different for Jansens colleague Dick Lawyer, who praised his team extensively. โ€œThe team has given everythingโ€, says the Feyenoord trainer.

He did not find the loss in the topper and the time being dropped out in the title battle. โ€œIts the facts. I can tell a whole story, but I cant blame my team in terms of work. The best team has won.โ€

Look below at the interview with Feyenoord Coach Dick Lawyer.

Myron Boadu once again showed its value for AZ in a less smooth year than last season. The 20-year-old striker made his fifth and sixth goal of the top division season and became a match winner. โ€œThe odds were still there, now Im finishing them againโ€, says Boadu.

Even former AZ-striker Kees Kist mixed up in the discussion about the game of the striker this season. Kist noted in De Cceit that he was annoyed by the laconic attitude of Boadu and would like to have a cup of coffee with him. โ€œHe is welcome,โ€ said Boadu, who made the only condition that he can drink chocolate milk. โ€œWhy shouldnt you take help from such a legend?โ€

Look below at the interview with Match Winner Myron Boadu.

Feyenoord-striker Nicolai Jรธrgensen was replaced by Bryan Linssen after more than an hour. He announced after the game that it happened because he couldnt see anything with one eye. โ€œI got a finger in my eye. I can still see badly with my left eye. I only see fifty percent, see very blurry,โ€ says the rush hour.

Jรธrgensen was working on a good match and scored once. The rumor that the Turkish Galatasaray wants to take over this transfer period had also reached him. โ€œI dont think about it,โ€ said the striker. โ€œAt the moment I am very happy at Feyenoord. I have no comment on transfer rumors.โ€

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