Janssen coach in defence: You shouldnt just judge him on goals

Víctor Vucetich, Vincent Janssens trainer at Monterrey, takes it up publicly for the Dutch striker. In both the Netherlands and Mexico, the Orange call for Janssen was reacted with great surprise, but Vucetich finds that unjustified.
After his wedding, Janssen will report to the Dutch team. Previously, national coach Louis van Gaal declared the remarkable election, now Vucetich is also shining his light on the situation. Vincent was often involved in our goals, despite not making them all himself, says the coach at Cancha. He was also important in creating space.
Vincent is also the only one who can continuously fight the central defenders, Vucetich continues. All in all, he is very important to the team. You shouldn
t just judge him by the goals he makes.
Vucetich likes that Van Gaal also sees something in Janssens qualities. Van Gaal is a top trainer and watched him. If he thinks Vincent can also be useful to the national team, that confirms my image to me. That also gives me a certain peace of mind.