Janssen crackles KNVB: ‘Now we all drop him, we leave a chance’

Theo Janssen thinks it is a shame that Mohamed Ihattaren does not play with Jong Orange at the European Championships this week. According to Decceit analyst, it was an ideal opportunity to pull him out of the โ€œnegative bubbleโ€ at PSV.
โ€œI had taken Ihattaren, also to get him out of his surroundings,โ€ says Janssen in Decceit studio. โ€œA new environment with other trainers, other players, that break negativity a little… Yeah, this could have pulled him out of that negative bubble for ten days, would have been good for him. It‘s a shame he’s not there.โ€
Ibrahim Afellay agrees with that. โ€œIt is and will remain a boy with a lot of qualities. When he is sitting on the couch, as a trainer you have someone who can create something out of nowhereโ€, says Ihattaren‘s old teammate at PSV.
Janssen also thinks that the KNVB really cannot make it to leave Ihattaren at home. โ€œWe pulled everything out of the closet a year and a half ago to bring him in. Now we’
re all gonna drop him. I think this is the time you need to help him. Here we have left a chance.โ€