Janssen: ‘I like to see the rest of the staff in the Netherlands take a step back’

If it‘s up to Theo Janssen it won’t stay with Frank de Boer‘s departure at the KNVB. He thinks it’s good if the assistants take a step aside. He also pushes Erik ten Hag as a possible successor to De Boer.
The KNVB announced on Monday that De Boer is stepping off. โ€œSurprised? No, actually not. The only thing that surprises me is that it happened pretty soon after the match against the Czech Republic,โ€ says Pierre van Hooijdonk at the CCEIT.
โ€œWho it should be? If you hear Nico-Jan Hoogma, there must be a national coach who reigns with hard hand every now and then. The one I think for me is Louis van Gaal. I don‘t know if he’s hungry after what happened (he passed around De Boer‘s appointment, ed.). But that’s what I feel at Ten Cate, my second candidate. If we throw all the egos in the basket and see if he‘s a good trainer and is available…โ€
Janssen goes for Ten Hag. โ€œHe experienced the same thing at Ajax, among other things because of how he came across. But he won everyone, shows great football and did well at Ajax. If you give him time, he can make something beautiful out of it. The question is if he wants it. It’
s someone who wants to be on the field every day. He‘ll have to let go of that a little.โ€
As far as Janssen is concerned, the KNVB cleans. โ€œNow a new national coach is coming, but maybe you should look at the staff. I would redecorate the entire staff. It’
s been a good choice for him to quit, but I also like to see the rest of the staff take a step back.โ€