Janssen looks out at Fortuna: ‘Not a weird player for Feyenoord’

Theo Janssen thinks Zian Flemming can be an interesting player for Feyenoord. Fortuna Sittards midfielder has excelled throughout the season and saved his team from relegation on Sunday.
If Fortuna won against NEC on Sunday, it was sure of enforcement. Thanks to a goal and rescue on Flemming
s line, that succeeded. Janssen is impressed. โ€œHes just a really good player with a very good basic technique,โ€ says the former midfielder at Studio Voetbal. โ€œHe just contributed so much to this team. Without him, Fortuna was the number eighteen of the Premier League. If you look at the whole season, Flemming is the man who made a difference.โ€
Janssen thinks Flemming would not look out of place at Feyenoord. โ€œSuppose Guus Til leaves, I wouldn
t think its a weird player for Feyenoord. I think this is a player who can absolutely play football at a higher level. If you make twelve goals for two years in a row at a club that plays at the bottom, you can do that at Feyenoord too. The difference is only: will you be able to deal with that pressure later? You can see a lot of players succumb to that anyway.โ€
Pierre van Hooijdonk is also charmed by Flemming. โ€œWhen I see him, with interviews after matches: it makes me happy, apart from the fact that I think he is a great player. Everything he does is functional. He doesn
t do 37 shears when its not necessary. I saw that interview with Seuntjens at ESPN this afternoon… I loved that, that signs his personality.โ€