‘Janssen may surprise us and he turns out to be a welcome reinforcement for Oranje’

Wim Kieft sees that Brian Brobbey can provide a lot better figures than Vincent Janssen. Nevertheless, the latter is in the pre-selection of the Dutch national team, while Brobbey is in the pre-selection of the Dutch Junior.
Kieft states that Brobbey makes ‘more assertion’ at Ajax than Janssen in the Mexican competition. ‘Van Gaal, however, did not end up with Brobbey, but with Janssen’, he writes in his column for De Cceit. ‘It can only be imagined that Van Gaal thinks of Janssen because he sees the striker of AZ in the 2015-2016 season. That one and only season in Alkmaar โ€” it only came off in October โ€” Janssen acted as a starting point and finisher. ‘
At that level, Janssen hasn‘t acted for a while now. ‘Van Gaal will invite him to know what level he is at today compared to the other internationals‘, Kieft thinks. โ€œThe best way is to have someone like that near you for a while and give them a chance. Those four international matches for the Nations League at the beginning of June are a perfect stage for judging Janssen. ‘
Kieft does not rule out the 27-year-old striker causing a big surprise. ‘Perhaps Janssen will surprise us and he turns out to be a welcome surprise and reinforcement for the Dutch team on the way to the World Cup in Qatar. ‘